Let’s Restore the UPTOWN THEATRE!

Preservation Chicago is supporting the “Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Restore the Uptown!” petition.  PLEASE add your name. At the time of publication, we had received over 6,210 signatures.

Our new goal is to reach 7,500 signatures and we need YOUR SUPPORT to make that happen. Please consider sharing this with your friends and family via email and social media.

Shuttered since 1981, the potential of the Uptown Theatre means so much to the people of Uptown and Chicago and to those who are hoping that its restoration and reuse will bring jobs and make a positive economic impact on the neighborhood and region.

“We’ve come very far in the 50 years since the demolition of the Garrick Theater and Chicago Stock Exchange building when your common citizen may not have been involved in architectural preservation,” Miller says. “But this is another example of a project that has so much good potential in so many ways and something that could positively impact the entire Uptown Entertainment District.” (LaTrace, 8/22/17)

“At some point, these projects have to become someone’s priority,” Pierce adds. “The Uptown Theatre is one of our great landmarks and we’re looking for a solution.” (LaTrace, 8/22/17)

Your support for the restoration and reuse of the Chicago Landmark Uptown Theatre for entertainment and other special events will help create jobs for the community and help make the Uptown Square Entertainment District a vital destination.

This effort is in coordination with the longtime volunteers of Friends of the Uptown.
Please sign the Petition here

Additional Resources
Preservationists: The Uptown Theatre needs to become a priority, AJLaTrace, Curbed Chicago, 8/22/17

Uptown: Portrait of a Palace (25 minute documentary, 2006)

Friends of the Uptown Theatre Website


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