Minnekirken GoFundMe Campaign Launched for Restoration Project

“For the Next Century, For det Neste Århundre”

“Over the past 108 years, The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church (aka Minnekirken) has been sitting proudly on Logan Square. The physical structure of ‘The Red Church’ has also been exposed to the Chicago elements, and it is now in need of restoration.

“Visual assessments by local architects and engineers led to the hiring of several restoration professionals in the fall of 2019 to closely and thoroughly examine the structure. The façade of the church was stabilized with masonry repairs, and it was determined that further structural maintenance and restoration is imperative to ensure the long-term stability of the church.

“This restoration project comes at a critical time, when the Logan Square traffic pattern in front of the church is planned to be redirected, and there is addtional work upcoming at nearby CTA properties. With heavy, earth-moving machinery expected to operate not far from the church’s doorstep, there is an increased sense of urgency to further stabilize the physical structure of Minnekirken.”

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Learn more about The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church (aka Minnekirken)


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