Success Stories

The true effectiveness of any historic preservation organization is measured in the number of buildings saved because of its advocacy.  The following is a summary of some of the buildings that most likey would not be standing had Preservation Chicago not taken action. 

  1. St. Boniface Church: Noble and Chestnut - 11 year battle to save church ends in a compromise

    The Battle to preserve the St. Boniface church campus began in earnest on June 1, 1999 when community residents, former parishioners and preservationist gathered for a candle light vigil in front of the long-abandoned structures. Organized jointly by the East Village Association and former parishioner and neighbor Kevin Stawiarski, the event was spurred by the announcement that the buildings were to be demolished.

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  2. Richard Nickel Studio: 1810 W. Cortland - Studio of preservation pioneer landmarked
  3. Cook County Hospital: 1825 W. Harrison Street - New life for a grand old dame
  4. American Book Company Building: 320-330 E. Cermak - Ready for Reuse
  5. Milwaukee Avenue Commercial District - Safe from the wrecker ball
  6. Lake Shore Athletic Club: 850 Lake Shore Drive - A battle of Olympian proportions
  7. The Giles Calumet District - Expanding the boundaries of history
  8. Arlington-Deming Landmark District - A battle well worth the fight
  9. The Vesemen Building: 444 North LaSalle Street - One of a kind architectural orphan saved
  10. Roberts Temple Church of God: 4021 S. State - Civil Rights monument now part of history
  11. East Village Landmark District - An end to the destruction of a community
  12. Metropolitan (Apostolic) Community Church: 41st and King Dr. - Too much history to squander
  13. Chicago Printed String Building: Logan and Elston - Pulled from the jaws of the wrecker ball
  14. St. Gelasius Church: 64th and Woodlawn - No more vacant lots!
  15. Newport Landmark District - 11th hour land swap saved historic streetscape
  16. Demolition Delay Ordinance
  17. Ukrainian Village Landmark District Extension - Three times the charm
  18. Scherer Building: 1201 N. State - Preservation Chicago's First Triumph
  19. 441 Surf - The final straw that rescued 3 historic blocks of SE Lakeview