Overview and Map

St. James Church

Hotel Guyon

State Bank of Clearing

Century & Consumers Building

AllState Building

Medic Building

Lathrop Homes

Every year, Preservation Chicago announces its "Chicago's 7" list of Most Endangered Buildings. The purpose of the Chicago 7 is to raise public awareness about the threats facing some of Chicago's most at-risk architectural treasures, whether they are a single building, an entire neighborhood, or a thematic category of buildings, such as Great Chicago Warehouses or Chicago's Religious Structures.

Preservation Chicago's 2013 most endangered:

  1. Overview and Map
  2. St. James Church
  3. Hotel Guyon
  4. State Bank of Clearing
  5. Century & Consumers Building
  6. AllState Building
  7. Medic Building
  8. Lathrop Homes