Unity Hall

Chicago Movie Theaters

Cuneo Hospital

St. Anthony’s Hospital

Woodlawn Avenue

Gethsemane Church

Prentice Hospital

Overview and Map

Every year, Preservation Chicago announces its "Chicago's 7" list of Most Endangered Buildings. The purpose of the Chicago 7 is to raise public awareness about the threats facing some of Chicago's most at-risk architectural treasures, whether they are a single building, an entire neighborhood, or a thematic category of buildings, such as Great Chicago Warehouses or Chicago's Religious Structures.

Preservation Chicago's 2012 most endangered:

  1. Unity Hall
  2. Chicago Movie Theaters
  3. Cuneo Hospital
  4. St. Anthony’s Hospital
  5. Woodlawn Avenue
  6. Gethsemane Church
  7. Prentice Hospital
  8. Overview and Map